Mobile table designed for use with a tapping arm

October 11, 2013

Mobile table designed for use with a tapping arm -

Ohio Laser's new Mobile Tapping Table XL, designed for use with a tapping arm, features all-welded steel construction for heavy-duty industrial and manufacturing work environments. With a flexible tapping and assembly area that can be moved throughout a plant, the table complements flexible cell manufacturing.

The table aids material handling when placed next to a laser, plasma, turret press, mill, or drill; provides portable tapping, drilling, and grinding in tool and die repair shops; and can be used as an alternative to a CNC.

The table features a 39- by 47-in. work surface that is 36 in. high, a fixed bottom shelf with a raised-lip edge design on three sides to retain parts, a debris chute for easy cleanup and shavings removal, and a formed-down bottom lip for cleaning. The black powder coat finish withstands harsh work environments.

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