Modular system simplifies production setup

May 10, 2005

Mecon Industries Ltd. offers the Mecon Flex System, a modular, built-to-order manufacturing system designed to simplify production setup.

The system can accommodate a variety of tools and can be configured in many ways. Components can include coil cars, uncoilers, straighteners, punch tools, notch tools, servo roll feeders, shears, stamping presses, press brakes, panel benders, and gag tooling. A typical system incorporates multiple punching/notching stations, a feed-to-position system, and a shear.

Punch/notch units can be mounted on slides to allow them to be positioned over strip and in pairs to allow for punching on either side of the centerline. Punch positions can be adjusted manually or be motorized and equipped with readouts to indicate centerline offset. Gag tools are set/reset as the material is positioned for the next pressing. The servo-driven feeder positions the material to accommodate all tool positions.

The system's controller has a simple interface with manual and automatic programming modes. Programs can be keyed directly into the controller or downloaded from a computer. An Excel-based programming tool simplifies program development. The control program uses sequences of lengths and tooling commands and is designed to operate up to 16 tools and 16 presses.

Compatible with mechanical, pneumatic, and hydraulic tooling, the system can be used in three operating modes: stand-alone, station within system, and press feeder. It is designed for short and medium-sized runs.

Possible applications are prepunching in roll forming; brackets; cut-to-length systems; punch notch and cut to length for ductwork and stove pipes; batching; and in-press gagging.

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