Mounting elements for EOAT facilitate suction cup installation

June 26, 2013

Piab offers a line of mounting elements that allow installation of suction cups and accessories at the correct working position without the need for engineering time or sourcing from another supplier. Mounting brackets, height adjusters, suction cup rod extensions, and level compensators are designed to fit together for different sizes and applications.

The mounting brackets are made of steel and suitable to be mounted on extruded aluminum profiles. They can be adjusted horizontally and lock against the extruded profile with two included screws. The height adjusters have a long outer thread with dimensions M12, M16, M20, or M25 that is used to adjust the position of the suction cup up and down. They clamp onto the mounting brackets.

If the position of the cup needs to be prolonged vertically, a suction cup extension can be attached to the height adjuster or level compensator. They are hollow with an air/vacuum channel. The level compensators facilitate the vacuum handling of objects with different heights, and the extra-long stroke, available for all sizes, expands the possibility to handle parts with challenging geometries.