Nonpowered carts deliver small, medium-sized parts for line-side assembly

September 14, 2004

Kinetic Technologies LLC has introduced nonpowered carts designed to deliver small to medium-sized parts for line-side assembly.

The 2,000-lb.-capacity carts can be built with modular tube frames configured for gravity flow conveying or outfitted for kitting/sequencing assembly. They can be exchanged or inserted line-side, allowing operators to work from the units. They may be filled away from the production floor and towed to the line.

The carts feature heavy-duty tubular steel lower frames; low-push-force wheel systems; rotating upper frames with four soft detent positions; autolock; and modular, customer-specified, ENZA® steel tube frames distributed by Hovair Automotive.

A pocket in the lower frame allows the cart and load to be raised using standard lifts.

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