Parts leveler's new control simplified for novice users

July 22, 2014

Arku’s new control for the FlatMaster® parts leveler enables novice users to produce dead-flat, stress-free metal parts on the first try nearly every time by entering as few as two values: the material type and thickness. An operator interface of touchscreen icons uses a database of material properties, part thicknesses, operating parameters, and plausibility checks that allows new users to run the machine like experts with as little as 90 minutes of training, according to the manufacturer.

The new control accesses all of the leveler's functions with icons. When the user enters basic information on the workpiece, the control calculates optimal leveling parameters for the first part. These parameters can be fine-tuned by the operator and saved as a part program for future use. The control can store up to 1,024 part programs.

The new control supports all of the machine’s leveling capabilities, including two-way leveling, reverse operation, and series leveling. A plausibility check evaluates operator entries and provides an explanation of incorrect values to aid in learning.

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