Pneumatic 3-D part manipulators allow precise material handling

July 9, 2014

TDA Buddy Inc.’s pneumatic 3-D part manipulators enable a single worker to perform precise material handling movements with little effort, says the company.

The pneumatic manipulators can grip a part up to 400 lbs.; roll, pitch, or yaw it if necessary; hold it rigid; and place it accurately for the next operation. They feature a neutral balance technology that allows the parts to float, making them feel weightless.

The manipulators are available with various types of grippers to lift most part configurations, including metal blanks with holes. End effectors are offered with vacuum-, mechanical-, or pneumatically actuated grippers.

The manipulators feature a standard 10-ft. reach radius, a vertical travel of 64 in., and rotation up to 360 degrees. Mounting options include fixed floor, fixed overhead, overhead rail, and press face. A portable base plate allows for forklift repositioning.