Pop-up transfer conveyor handles up to 250 lbs.

December 15, 2009

TKF offers a light-duty, pop-up transfer conveyor that handles loads up to 250 lbs. The conveyor uses compact, motorized, roller-driven strands rather than chain drives to help reduce noise. No vertical guides or cam ramps are used for positioning, and no slides or bearings are used in its construction.

The conveyor is available with urethane V-belt, urethane O-ring, or chain strands. The number of strands and stroke height can be customized to suit a particular application. Heavier-duty models also are available that use traditional motor drives.

Pop-up transfer conveyors lift items vertically, raising them above the bed of the feeding conveyor, and then convey them 90 degrees to an adjoining or adjacent conveyor. The transfer uses mechanical linkage to guide lifting.

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