Precision leveler provides shape correction on boron-clad material

November 11, 2008

B&K, a division of Formtek-Maine, has produced a 3.5 series precision parts leveler for a customer in Canada. The machine provides shape correction on boron-clad material coming off the rolling mill in thicknesses up to 0.330 in. and lengths up to 192 in. The leveler features a low passline height of 32 in. to allow the material to move directly from the rolling mill through the corrective leveler and onto conveyors.

The leveler features 17 work rolls, each 3.5 in. in diameter. Other features include manually adjustable upper backups for setup purposes, power tilt head, and a power adjustable lower backup roll to allow for the correction of edge wave, center buckle, crossbow, and coil set.

The machine is provided with a powered high-rise head feature to give the operator or maintenance personnel easy access to the work rolls. A massive gearbox with dual herringbone gear train prevents lateral end thrust.

The unit is equipped with a right-angle, 90-degree gearbox design to meet the customer's space restrictions. A gear-driven oil lubrication system supplies lubrication only when the machine is in operation and prevents the circulation of oil when the machine is not running.

The leveler's touchscreen control platform minimizes setup time by allowing the operators to select which type of coil condition they are experiencing and automatically adjusts the rolls to a preprogrammed setting for that condition. A fault and diagnostic package also is included.