Space-saving forklifts introduced

September 12, 2006

Combilift has developed thee models of its space-saving forklifts for materials handling applications.

The TeleCombi is fitted with a one-stage boom mounted on a moving carriage. It has a reach of 3 m when the carriage and boom are fully extended, and it can reach across the full width of a trailer at all lift heights. According to the manufacturer, the moving carriage helps to eliminate the need for constant height adjustment. The forklift has a capacity of 3,000 kg at 500-m load centers and is available in diesel and LPG versions.

The GT stand-on forklift works in narrow aisles and is suitable for flexible indoor and outdoor operation. It is available in 3- to 4.5-tonne lift capacities. The four-wheel-steer electric forklift features an optical guiding system, which helps to eliminate the need for mechanical guide rails. Optical cameras mounted on the truck monitor a tape bonded in the center of the aisle to facilitate automatic steering.

The Semi-Rough Terrain C 5000L (C 10,000L Imperial) forklift handles long loads in narrow environments. Solid pneumatic tires add maneuverability on unpaved roads and rough terrain. An extra 150 mm in cab size helps to improve ergonomics and comfort for the operator.

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