Stacking cradle system designed for 10-ft. to 80-ft. material lengths

September 11, 2007

The Unibloc stacking cradle system from Kasto transports and stores barstock and sheet metal. Designed to optimize storage applications requiring low to medium access frequencies, the system is suitable for 10-ft. to 80-ft. material lengths.

The manual multiple lift spreader beam, Unibloc U, can transport up to three stacking cradle pairs with 15.7-in. usable heights simultaneously. The patented gripper arms—DE 198 15689 C1 and EP 0770564 B1—lconcurrently restack up to three layers. Lift and lower movements of a crane are needed to lock and unlock the spreader beam; no energy supply is necessary for the mechanical gripper function.

A control display verifies that the stacking cradles are safely locked.

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