Table positions container height, angle with single mechanism

April 8, 2004

The Z-Lift Tilter® from Southworth Products Corp. is designed to position a container's height and angle independently but with a single mechanism.

The machine is suitable for applications that involve working with parts in containers, wire baskets, and totes. Operators can control the height and angle by using a foot switch or a hand-held controller. The container can be positioned at the most comfortable height and at any angle from +5 degrees to –40 degrees to minimize reaching, bending, and stretching. The unit tilts down for access to parts in oversized baskets.

The tables are available in 3,000-, 4,000-, and 6,000-lb. capacities with 32-in. vertical travel. They come in two configurations, standard and pan-style, to accommodate loading containers with a hand pallet truck. Platforms are 48 in. long with widths of 50 and 56 in. All models are equipped with an auto-stop toe sensor, which stops the platform descent when it encounters an obstruction.

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