Telescopic-mast articulating crane replaces nuclear rods

April 19, 2012

Air Technical Industries has manufactured a telescopic-mast articulating crane, constructed mostly from aluminum, to be used by a nuclear power plant in California for replacing fuel rods in combustion engineering reactors.

The modular crane's mast can raise up to 57 ft. through hydraulically operated telescopic action and rotate 300 degrees. The beam rotation is equipped with a mechanical slip-clutch, which allows it to break away to prevent damage if the crane contacts other objects or is subject to excessive side loading.

The high-lift chain hoist, mounted on a motorized trolley, has a capacity of 2,000 lbs. and 60 ft. of vertical lift. The crane is equipped with a 40-ft.-high operator platform. The push-button controls are remote and pendant-mounted. The beam is equipped with dual festooning systems — one for the low-voltage, multiconductor cable for all the function controls, and the other for the high-voltage, three-phase power source.

The crane has three flange mounting points for installation onto the nuclear reactor flange. The crane is not installed on the floor of the building, so even if the floor collapses in the event of an earthquake, the crane stays put.

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