Vacuum lifter engages from hoist action

September 9, 2009

Anver Corporation, Hudson, Mass., has introduced a redesigned mechanical vacuum lifter that requires no compressed air or electricity.

The mechanical vacuum lifter is self-powered and features a mechanism that creates a powerful suction when lowered onto the load by a hoist. Available in capacities up to 18,000 lbs, the lifter's standard features include a battery operated vacuum-loss sensor with an audio-visual alarm and a 36-in.-long ergonomic safety handle.

Suitable for handling metal, fiberglass, plastic, wood, and polished stone in-plant or on the job site, the lifter has adjustable cross arms and vacuum pad attachments that are equipped with top and bottom spring suspensions to evenly distribute the load forces. Four rectangular pads accommodate narrow-to-wide loads up to 12-ft. long by 6-ft. wide.

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