Low-odor rust blocker features low VOC

November 5, 2013

Low-odor rust blocker features low VOC - TheFabricator.com

Dri Touch® Amber Low-VOC from Birchwood Technologies is a rust blocker with low VOC and almost no odor. Rated for 96 to 120 hours salt spray and 600+ hours of humidity protection, the rust blocker meets water displacement test Mil-C-16173 and stain test Mil-C-22235A.

With a flash point of 248 degrees, the rust blocker is suitable for manufacturing plants that are under air-quality restrictions and in areas with flammability hazards. It can be used on packaged products such as hand tools without causing odor, air contamination, or fire safety problems. It also can be applied to raw materials such as bar steel and castings before cutting and machining.

Suitable as a corrosion preventive over black oxide or phosphate conversion coatings, the fluid seals out corrosion and enhances depth of color, the manufacturer reports. It can also be used on uncoated metal surfaces for long-term storage.

The thin-consistency liquid penetrates recessed areas and lifts moisture from blind holes.

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