On-site repair product suitable for high loads

January 9, 2013

Diamant Coating Systems has introduced Multimetal Steel 1018, a repair product that combines high compressive strength, vibration damping, and long-term corrosion protection.

The product was developed in Germany for the repair of steel and steel-composite bridges. It provides high compressive and shear strength, as well as 100 percent volume restoration inside the gap between bearing and construction. The product offers high dimensional stability with insignificant shrinkage, according to the manufacturer. Mechanical machining of face and back plates is not needed.

The repair product is suitable for utility construction projects that require extreme strength and high safety ratings. Specifically, gaps between ledges, face plates, and diagonal trusses have been successfully compensated using the product with 100 percent force-fit gap compensations. Because it is an injectable material, repair is completed in place.

The product also is suitable for use in corrosive and saltwater environments for the repair of offshore drilling systems, wind power plants, and canal water gates.