Steel panel basement foundation system introduced

November 7, 2006

Steel Panel Foundations has introduced a steel panel basement foundation design that enables builders and developers to construct a watertight, finished basement.

The galvanized steel foundation materials are made from 18-ga. studs for load-bearing walls. The 16-in. on-center construction is ramset into concrete footing. It is asphalt-coated for moisture resistance and is adaptable to various wall configurations, including daylight walls, frost walls, brick ledge walls, interior walls, and multiple above-ground configurations. The galvanized and painted steel decking features 26-ga. ribbed construction for increased earth-bearing load strength.

A membrane prevents hydrostatic wicking and forms a complete seal from the bottom sill to the outer surface of the exterior decking, the manufacturer states. A moisture-resistant spray foam adheres to every framing member, and substrate offers a watertight seal.