Alternative fuel outfit designed for industrial users

February 13, 2007

Victor Equipment Co. a supplier of gas apparatus and pressure control products, has introduced its newest Professional outfit, the Journeyman AF (alternate fuel).

Designed for heavy-duty use, the package can be used with propane, propylene or MAPP (methylacetylene-propadiene). Features include oxygen and fuel gas regulators with steel gauge guards; a handle with replaceable built-in reverse flow check valves and flashback arrestors; and a multifuel miser, equal pressure cutting attachment.

Accessories include a general preheat propane two-piece cutting tip; general preheat propylene or MAPP one-piece cutting tip; rose bud assembly that operates with any alternative fuel gas; a -in. by 25 ft. twin-grade T hose; soft-sided cover goggles and striker; and a multiwrench.

The outfit comes in a stainless steel toolbox and has a cutting and heating manual written specifically for alternative fuel gases.