Automatic gas switchover series suitable for high-flow applications

October 10, 2006

CONCOA has introduced the 632 High-Flow Performance series of automatic gas switchovers.

The two-stage system delivers a continuous supply of gas from a left/right cylinder bank configuration and consistent pressure using pressure-differential technology. Available in 15-, 50-, or 120-PSIG-delivery models, it is suitable for pipeline and other high-flow applications, as well as blanketing, purging, welding, and heating.

According to the manufacturer, the unit features the industry's lowest dollar-per-cubic-foot of flow capacity and enables users to select from either liquid or high-pressure cylinders. A priority arrow provides cylinder use identification and control from a single-valve body design, simplifying operation and reducing threading connections for safe delivery of hydrogen and other fuel gases.

The high-flow balance stem seat design, coupled with the 628 or 629 manifold, allows the unit to supply 50 to 75 use points from low-pressure acetylene, propane, or MAPP® cylinders. A brass barstock design allows for maximum inlet pressure of 4,500 PSIG.

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