Combination torch cuts metal to 8 in. thick

October 17, 2012

Combination torch cuts metal to 8 in. thick -

ESAB's Global Center of Excellence for Gas Apparatus has introduced a new line of combination cutting torches as part of the Purox Elite series of gas apparatus products. It welds material up to 1 in. thick and cuts metal up to 8 in. thick.

The tubeless, extruded WH-4200 welding handle and the torch's head injector contain flashback that could occur at the farthest point from the user. The CA-4200 cutting attachment features an internal tip nut to keep the cutting tip seated to help reduce the risk of leaks. It also protects the threads on the head of the cutting attachment from damage while changing tips.

The cutting attachment has a three-tube design and "ease-on" control of cutting oxygen, which helps reduce the potential for blowback when piercing. Color-coded pressure adjustment knobs help with gas identification.