Control upgrade kit for cutting systems offered

September 11, 2007

ProMotion® Controls Inc. has introduced an HS-862 upgrade kit for its older shape-cutting controls. The kit, designed to provide optimal Windows® operation, increases controller clock speed of the CPU and RAM.

The kit is available for the company's shape-cutting controls made with the GX1 and 786 front CPU motherboards, including older versions of ProMotion iCNC®, uCNC, uCNC Plus, KarCNC, and KarCNCx from Koike.

Optional levels 1 and 2 productivity tools are available with upgraded CPUs. The level 1 package includes tools for bridging, chain cutting, a plate editor, a cost calculator, a scrap-cutting tool, and lead-in and lead-out. Users can add a marking text generator software module and a feed-rate software module to the optional package. Level 2—an automatic nesting software package for full or multiple sheets, remnants, and round plate—has features for group nesting and to freeze parts in the nest.

Level 1 software is required for installation of the level 2 package.

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