Gas control system enhances oxyfuel cutting

February 8, 2005

MG Systems and Welding has introduced the Omniflow automatic gas control system designed to provide consistent oxyfuel cutting performance.

The operator selects the material thickness on the control screen, and the system automatically sets the correct preheat oxygen, cutting oxygen, and fuel gas pressures. All parameters for automatic piercing also are set. The system screen displays the correct cutting speed and kerf width.

According to the company, precise, automatic piercing is possible for up to 5-in.-thick mild steel or up to 12 in. with edge start.

The database can be accessed in spreadsheet format, which allows the operator to edit or override the parameters for fine-tuning.

The system is designed for use with the company's TurboFlame® torches on both new machines and retrofits. It can be configured to deliver enough gas flow to cut up to 64 torch in. (equivalent to eight torches simultaneously cutting 8-in.-thick material).

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