Manual straight cutting torches feature increased capacity

September 25, 2013

Manual straight cutting torches feature increased capacity -

ESAB has introduced a new line of manual straight cutting torches as part of its new Elite series of gas apparatus products. The company says that the torches can cut up to 10 in. when using acetylene and up to 12 in. with alternate fuel gases.

The torches feature the patented Elite Swirl Head Injector design. It mixes high-pressure, preheated oxygen and low-pressure fuel gas to create a vacuum, producing an entrainment zone that pulls gas through the torch. This minimizes the risk of damaging flashback, the company states.

The torches can work with multiple fuel gas types. Users can change the torches from positive-pressure universal mixers to a universal injectors by changing the cutting tip from acetylene to any alternative fuel gas. This eliminates the need to change the mixer to match the fuel gas or to have different cutting torches for different fuels.

The three-tube, in-line design provides for increased gas flow and permits a higher cutting capacity in acetylene and alternative fuel gases, the company reports.