Mechanized system simplifies air plasma cutting integration

June 12, 2007

Hypertherm®'s PowermaxEDGE® Sensor™ PHC, a combination of the Powermax® G3 Series™ plasma system and the automatic Sensor PHC (plasma height control), is available to authorized Powermax distributors and OEMs. The system provides simplified integration for entry-level, mechanized air plasma cutting and retrofits of existing oxyfuel and plasma tables.

The plasma height control is designed to improve cut quality and consumable life. Integrated with a configured G3 Series mechanized air plasma system, the sensor uses arc voltage sensing to optimize torch standoff. Operators can integrate the sensor with CNC tables as a new installation or a retrofit.

Users can configure the mechanized air plasma package for their specific cutting requirements, starting with one of three plasma systems. With a Powermax1650 system, the machine can cut up to 88 IPM on 1/2-in.-thick plate.

The plasma height control includes simplified operational controls and fault indicators.

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