Oxyfuel torch offers clear view of cutting path

November 28, 2012

Oxyfuel torch offers clear view of cutting path - TheFabricator.com

Victor®, a Victor Technologies™ brand, has launched its new 400 series of oxyfuel torches. The two-piece torch incorporates ergonomic handle and cutting attachment designs that offer a clear view of the cutting path, visual cues for simplified use, and enhanced safety.

The contoured, high-strength-alloy torch handle withstands abuse and balances well when hoses and attachments are connected. The oxygen and fuel valves are color-coded and labeled for instant identification and to indicate directions for open and closed valve positions.

The cutting attachment has a three-tube design to help increase line-of-sight visibility while providing strength and supporting gas flow rate requirements for tip sizes 000 through 6 in. The universal mixer design mixes the gases in the head of the torch. It enables operators to use one torch for all fuels by selecting the correct tips and attachments.