Shape-cutting CNC provides dual microprocessing capabilities

January 11, 2005

The PC-based ProMotion® DUO shape-cutting control from ProMotion Controls combines dual microprocessor technology and advanced software for multitasking, part creation, and nesting for oxyfuel, plasma, and waterjet cutting applications.

One microprocessor is dedicated to the Windows® XP operating system and the other to motion, enabling operators to create a new nest at the same time that the machine is cutting an existing part program nest.

The controller provides direct download from DXF files, which enables postprocessing of drawings to cutting programs without the need for additional software. A full shape library is provided. With advanced Micro CAD software, machine operators can modify existing shapes and part programs to create new shapes.

Standard features include a 12.1-in. TFT screen; USB connectivity; and a variety of configurations, from single torch to multiple tool processes. Optional built-in servo drives are available.

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