Switchover manifold allows remote monitoring

October 10, 2006

Harris Products Group has introduced the SG 960 HP fully automatic switchover manifold for use with oxygen, inert, or fuel gases.

The manifold features a separate control box, mechanical box, and remote alarm for flexibility during installation. E-mail, phone, and text messaging notification is available with an optional modem. The unit is modular in design, allowing for future expansion. Telemetry contact for Web messages and remote monitoring of the system plus consumption data are other features.

The manifold produces a maximum inlet pressure of 3,000 PSIG (2,000 PSIG for CO2and N2O.) It has a delivery pressure from 0 to 225 PSIG and a maximum flow rate of 1,200 SCFH. It is equipped with 24- or 36-in., flexible stainless steel pigtails with a CGA integral check valve.

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