Guide package designed to help operators improve plasma cutting results

October 18, 2013

Hypertherm has released a consumable optimization package to owners of its HyPerformance® HPR® and HPRXD® plasma cutting systems. It comprises several guides to help operators improve cut quality, torch performance, and consumable life.

The consumable care guide explains how to identify different consumable types, how to stack and assemble consumables properly in the torch, and how to establish common practices and daily maintenance routines to evaluate and track performance. The guide for improving plasma cut quality gives tips for lessening cut edge angularity, reducing dross, and achieving a better surface finish.

The torch maintenance guide includes a step-by-step routine and detailed images demonstrating how to clean and care for HPR torches. The troubleshooting guide offers tips for identifying and fixing common consumable problems.

A consumable usage log also is included for recording the number of starts, arc-on time, and errors.

The package is free to operators of HPR and HPRXD plasma cutting systems until Dec. 31.

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