Manual plasma cutting inverters suitable for cutting all electrically conductive materials

May 12, 2009

Kjellberg Finsterwalde has introduced a new series of manual plasma cutting machines. Models CUTi 40, CUTi 70, CUTi 90, and CUTi 120 are suitable for cutting all electrically conductive materials. Inverter technology makes the machines lightweight for portability and allows them to operate with little power.

The four models cover material thicknesses up to 1.97 in. They operate with PHT 15 or PHT 31 plasma torches. An integrated compressor eliminates the need for compressed air for cutting up to 0.24-in.-thick material. Thicknesses up to 0.39 in. can be cut with an external compressed-air supply.

Various tools allow circle cutting, as well as straight and bevel cutting.