Manual plasma cutting line expanded

August 12, 2008

ESAB Welding & Cutting Products has launched two new models in its PowerCut™ line of Plasmarc™ manual cutting packages. The lightweight, portable 1600 and 1300 models offer the highest speeds and thickness capabilities in their class, as well as high duty cycles, the company reports.

The 1300 model cuts 1-1/4 in. and severs 1-1/2 in. The 1600 model cuts 1-1/2 in. and severs 1-3/4 in. The double external housing is designed to resist damage, corrosion, and weather. Sensitive internal electronics are suspended from the aluminum frame, insulating them from shock and vibration. Silicone-sealed switches are immune to corrosion and dust and dirt infiltration.

The quick-disconnect torch can be removed from the machine without the use of wrenches or special tools. A new digital readout display shows the exact pressure or amperage. The display also shows help codes to assist in troubleshooting minor errors.

Blow back technology eliminates high-frequency startups that can disrupt CNCs and nearby computer systems.

The packages also feature automatic mode selection, which senses the cutting mode in operation (normal, gouging, or grate cutting) and adapts accordingly. An input voltage selector switch, located on the back of the machine, allows input voltage to be changed from 208 to 460.