Metalworking fluid designed for plasma cutting tables

October 9, 2013

Chemtool Inc. offers RPA Flame Kool, a moderate-duty, synthetic metalworking fluid formulated for general use on plasma cutting tables. The fluid provides a balance of cooling, wetting detergency, corrosion protection, and workpiece visibility for plasma cutting of ferrous alloys.

The corrosion inhibitor protects against rust and staining of gray iron, cast iron, and ferrous alloys. The fluid is stable in a variety of process water chemistries. It does not deposit a sticky or tacky residue on machine or cut surfaces, and it will not gum up ways or stick switches.

Formulated with additional reserve alkalinity, the product contains no formaldehyde-releasing chemistries. It also can be used as a leak-detection or NDT fluid for ferrous metals and ferrous alloy assemblies.

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