Nesting software offers plasma cutting support

March 11, 2008

The ProNest nesting system from MTC Software Inc. now offers plasma cutting support. A sheet and plate processing software program, the system automates industry-standard CNC, automatic gas plasma power supplies, and torch height controls.

The company says the software also reduces the manual interaction and process variability that may be introduced by the machine operator by inserting advanced machine commands into the CNC code automatically. It also addresses hole quality issues via variable feed rate controls, kerf compensation, and height control lockouts.

Advanced CNC commands include plasma advanced off (for Burny) and part program support (for Hypertherm). Advanced plasma power supply commands address material type, thickness, amperage, and gas types. Advanced torch height control commands include pierce height, cut height, and arc voltage. The advanced plasma support is designed to increase uptime, reduce errors, and provide consistency.

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