Oxyfuel/plasma cutting system features fully integrated CNC

May 14, 2014

ESAB Cutting Systems has introduced Crossbow, a compact, portable oxyfuel/plasma CNC cutting system. It features a fully integrated CNC, eliminating the need for the user to add a controller to the system.

A menu-driven interface simplifies operation. A library of 24 common shapes minimizes programming and setup time. Dimensions can be edited to create custom shapes without actual programming. For custom programs, the CNC uses basic M- and G-code programming, and offline-programmed NC files can be transferred to the machine using a standard USB connection.

The unit’s motorized lifter supports either oxyfuel or plasma torches. The arc voltage height control helps ensure the plasma torch will automatically maintain a consistent cutting height. The machine also includes an ohmic touch initial height sensing, which finds the plate surface and sets the piercing height during automated plasma cutting. This system also detects torch crashes by sensing the plate during cutting, and shuts down the plasma system accordingly.

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