Plasma bevel unit cuts up to 400 amps

January 10, 2006

The Global Rotator Δ contour plasma bevel unit from MG Systems and Welding provides the option of bevel cutting up to 400 amps for users in the mid-size to large gantry machine market. The rotator has a compound-skew design that keeps the critical components up and away from the cutting torch, minimizing the risk of damage to the torch by slag, heat, and collision.

The systems cuts bevel profiles on any angle from +45 degree to -45 degrees and is controlled automatically with analog arc voltage to an accuracy of ± 0.006. Corner loop size to 0.394 in. is achievable without requiring start/stop commands. Rotation of ± 460 degrees takes place at a rate of 50 RPM.

The system can be used with the company's Titan II, MPC2000, and TMC4500.

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