Plasma cutter with drilling spindle designed for heavy plate

August 29, 2011

MultiCam® Inc. offers the heavy-duty 6000 series CNC bridge and rail plasma with drilling spindle. The system is designed for manufacturers cutting heavy plate or needing a large processing area while maintaining accuracy and cut quality.

The motion platform is independent from the cutting surface to prevent damage from material loading or high-heat oxyfuel cutting. It includes an integrated material database and hand-held EZ Control® interface.

An optional Max40 drill and tap spindle, which allows drilling of holes up to 1.125 in. dia. in steel plate, mounts next to the Hypertherm® torch. The optional eight-position tool changer enables automatic tapping.

The Z-axis probe, offered as an option, determines the Z-axis plane accurately on warped or inconsistent sheets. It allows the system to drill and tap blind holes precisely.

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