Plasma cutting, gouging system designed for both hand-held, mechanized applications

December 16, 2008

Hypertherm has introduced the Powermax45®, a portable, 1/2-in. plasma cutting and gouging system. The single-gas system (air and nitrogen) is designed for both hand-held and mechanized applications.

With a recommended 1/2-in. cut capacity and 1-in. severance, the 37-lb. system is suitable for cutting and gouging applications in many industries, including HVAC duct cutting, truck and trailer fabrication, and facility and equipment maintenance of all types.

Featuring patented technology and high power efficiency, the system delivers consistent performance, even with low-line conditions or when connected to a motor generator. This feature, along with its light weight, provides additional versatility as it allows the system to be used in various locations. In addition, it is designed with a built-in CNC interface and 50-to-1 voltage divider, making it a suitable choice for mechanized cutting of duct work and other materials up to 3/8 in.

The system features patented drag cutting technology, simple controls, a quick-disconnect torch, a 45-amp output current, and 50 percent duty cycle. It requires no preheating of the workpiece and no regulating of flammable gases.

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