Plasma cutting systems feature four new torch options

September 27, 2010

Hypertherm has released the Powermax65® and Powermax85® plasma cutting systems. They come with four new torch options: an ergonomic, 75-degree hand torch; a 15-degree hand torch for gouging and cutting in tight locations; a 15-in., full-length machine torch; and a 6-in., short-barreled machine torch for robotic and pipe cutting applications.

Smart Sense™ technology automatically adjusts gas pressure to the cutting mode and torch length, while Spring Start™ technology in the electrode eliminates moving parts in the torch body. The new systems are one-third smaller and up to 20 percent lighter than the systems they replace in the Powermax lineup.

The Powermax65 comes with a recommended 0.75-in. cut capacity and 1.25-in. severance rating, while the recommended cut capacity for the Powermax85 is 1 in. with a 1.5-in. severance rating.

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