Plasma cutting table suitable for HVAC applications

November 7, 2013

Patriot Automation CNC Inc. has introduced the Patriot HVAC automated plasma cutting table designed for the HVAC industry. It comes in three sizes: 4 by 8 ft., 5 by 10 ft., and 6 by 12 ft.

MTC's Design2Fab HVAC ducting software is standard. The software enables users to design and draw complex ductwork and then send the files to NestMaster 2012 to nest all of the parts onto a sheet of material.

The cutting table is equipped with 800 oz./in. servomotors that propel its gantry to a maximum cut speed of 500 IPM. The system features precision linear ways using helical rack and pinion with 10:1 gearheads. Although the table is targeted toward thin material, it can handle large high-precision plasma cutting systems as well.