Plasma machine cuts, marks with same torch

September 9, 2009

ESAB Cutting Systems' Acer DX High Speed Precision Cutting Machine is designed to provide high-speed, high-precision plasma cutting for any size fabrication shop. With a compact footprint and simple installation, the machine features the company's m3 precision plasma system that allows the machine to cut and mark with the same plasma torch. Available on Acer DX in 200 or 360 amps, the m3 system processes materials up to 1 in. thick.

The system has a three-axis precision gantry with rack-and-pinion drives; precision linear ways in both the x- and y-axis; a compact, unitized rugged design with welded and precision-machined frame; digital AC drives and AC brushless motors. The gantry features all-steel construction with machined mating surfaces for stiffness and accuracy; dual side drives; and precision heavy-duty gearboxes for smooth motion and long life.