Plasma power sources eliminate secondary operations

July 16, 2013

Plasma power sources eliminate secondary operations -

Victor® Thermal Dynamics® has launched the Ultra-Cut® XT series of power sources for automated plasma cutting. Its cut quality enables parts to go directly from the cutting table to welding, painting, or assembly without secondary operations. The machine delivers ISO Class 3 or better on cuts on any material from gauge to 2 in. thick, reducing bevel and the need for postcut finishing, the manufacturer reports.

On nonferrous materials, the unit uses the Water Mist Secondary (WMS™) process, which incorporates nitrogen as the plasma gas and tap water for shielding. On stainless steel, the WMS process cuts up to 300 percent faster and lowers per-cut cost by 20 percent or more compared to systems that use argon/hydrogen for the plasma gas, says the company.

The machine can cut 1-in.-thick steel at 80 IPM and 2-in.-thick steel at 30 IPM. It employs HeavyCut™ consumables for cutting at 300 and 400 amps. These consumables use a multiple hafnium insert as opposed to a single insert. According to the company, the two-piece tip runs cooler to help extend part life and cut accuracy across the life of the tip, especially when piercing at higher amperages.