Plasma torch upgraded

February 13, 2007

A HyPerformance plasma torch upgrade from Hypertherm, Inc. brings the benefits of patented HyPerformance technology to existing HyDefinition HD3070 metal cutting systems. The upgrade is intended to Improve cut quality, increase productivity, and lower operating costs for owners of older HD3070 systems, regardless of material being cut and amperage level. Operating costs after upgrade are up to 50 percent lower and cut speeds are up to 20 percent faster on mild steel, the company says.

Torch upgrade kits for the HD3070 come with HyPerformance machine torch assembly, quick disconnect, pressure test gauges kit and hoses, and a field service bulletin. Consumable parts kits for mild steel and stainless steel cutting are sold separately. The upgrade kit and installation assistance are available through authorized Hypertherm partners.

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