Product simplifies plasma cutting system integration

April 10, 2007

Hypertherm Inc.'s PowermaxEDGE is designed to simplify mechanized plasma cutting system integration.

The bundled solution integrates a patented Powermax® G3 Series™ plasma system with either a standalone Sensor™ PHC (plasma height control) or the EDGE®l Ti CNC with integrated torch height control.

Metal fabricators can configure the PowermaxEDGE for their specific requirements starting with one of three Powermax G3 plasma systems—the Powermax1000, Powermax1250, or Powermax1650—depending on cutting requirements. Each model features patented Coaxial-assist™ technology as well as advanced torch and power supply designs to cut thicker plates, at faster speeds, with better overall cut quality and consumable life, the company says. The PowermaxEDGE with a Powermax1650 cuts up to 88 IPM (2,235 mm per minute) on 1/2-in. thick plate (12 mm).

The package provides easy integration for small- to mid-range table applications, including original equipment manufacturers building light to medium gantry cutting tables, light-duty cycle needs such as HVAC or custom fabricators ( in. and below), and for retrofit of existing oxyfuel or plasma tables.

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