Torch height control continuously samples, automatically adjusts arc voltage

June 21, 2010

The new ArcGlide® THC torch height control is available from Hypertherm. It is engineered to continuously sample and automatically adjust the arc voltage. This helps ensure the torch is always the right distance from the plate so consumables reach their intended life expectancy.

Productivity advances are achieved through a reduction in cut-to-cut cycle time. The prepared part program and the torch height control work together to help to minimize unnecessary motion between cuts, while proprietary Rapid Ignition® technology allows the torch to fire as soon as it is in position, reducing cut-to-cut cycle time.

Color-coded and keyed cables connect the control to the lifter, plasma power supply, and CNC, while a simplified user interface and large controls help reduce operator confusion or frustration. The outer shell and enclosed slide mechanics keep dust and metal debris from getting inside. A pierce guard keeps molten metal from splattering back onto the control.

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