Diamond cutting wheel makes more cuts than up to 200 abrasive discs

September 11, 2012

DiamondX® Cutter, a thin-cutting diamond wheel designed to cut steel and stainless steel sheet, plate, bar, pipe, section, and angle iron, also handles copper pipe, composite materials, PVC, fiberglass, and wood.

Depending on the application, the cutter can make more cuts than 30 to 200 abrasive discs, the company reports. The steel core helps reduce debris and odor. The cutter is not affected by wetness and resists shock damage caused by drops.

The wheel is available in 4, 4.5, 5, 6, 7 and 9 in. dia., with the 4-, 4.5-, 5-, and 6-in. sizes measuring 0.05 in. thick and the 7- and 9-in. wheels 0.06 in. thick.

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