Hand-held annular drilling system designed for metalworking market

February 7, 2012

Fein Power Tools Inc. says its Fein KBH 25 is the first hand-held annular drilling system for the metalworking market. The carbide-tipped annular cutter produces holes up to 1 in. in diameter and up to 0.75 in. deep in all ferrous and nonferrous materials, including painted, heavily oxidized, and contoured surfaces.

The HSS pilot bit drills as long as necessary to ensure hole accuracy, then disengages as soon as the annular cutter meets the material. After the hole is complete at cutter breakthrough, a spring pushes the pilot bit forward, ejecting the slug of material made by the annular cutter. The drills have a keyless QuickIN-Plus toolholding system for fast tool changes.

The annular cutters feature a tooth geometry with a cut width of 0.11 in. to help ensure productivity with reduced feed pressure. The company also offers a carbide cutter line with heat-resistant titanium aluminum nitride surface coating.

Two types of carbide hole saws are available with the new tool shanks. The standard hole saw for materials up to 0.1875 in. thick are available in 0.5625 in. up to 2.125 in. A series of hole saws with a deeper throat for drilling pipe or curved surfaces in the same diameters also are available.

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