High-speed magnetic drill incorporates solid-state electronics, heavy-duty motor

October 13, 2009

Hougen Mfg. has introduced the high-speed model HMD508 portable magnetic drill. It incorporates solid-state electronics and a heavy-duty motor for power under heavy cutting loads.

The high-speed gearing is designed to accommodate the company's carbide-tipped Copperhead™ annular cutter tooling for drilling holes at faster RPMs and feed rates in hard alloys, castings, and other materials. The single-lever gearbox adjustment provides no-load RPMs of 450 or 750.

The drill's construction includes a patented quill feed arbor design that eliminates the need for gib and slide adjustments, making the drill compact and lightweight with a constant profile. The quill feed operation provides a faster and smoother feed into and throughout the cut, especially in deep-hole drilling applications, the manufacturer states.

The drill handles hole-making from 7/16 to 2-3/8 in. diameter with 3-in. depth of cut in almost any alloy, grade, or mechanical properties. Its two-stage magnet reaches full power when the motor is engaged. The magnetic base has a footprint of 4 by 8 in. with a dead lift rating of 2,560 lbs. and 1,080 lbs. drill point breakaway on 1-in. plate. For 3/8-in. plate, these figures are 1,550 lbs. and 820 lbs., respectively.

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