Magnetic annular cutter has flexible toolholder

September 12, 2006

Fein Power Tools' KBM 52U magnetic annular cutter has a flexible toolholder that is interchangeable for the company's Quick-In system and a Morse taper #3.

Other features include a reversible action that allows the tool to be used as a tapper, a variable-speed control with memory, a gravity cooling system, and a guard to protect operators from rotating parts.

The 30-lb. cutter has a stroke range of 12 in. and a magnetic force of 2,200 lbs., providing a 73-lb. weight-to-holding power. The 1,200-W, two-speed motor operates in two gears and is capable of cutting a 2 1/16-in. hole and tapping up to 5/8 in.

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