Magnetic drill uses HSS or carbide cutters

March 5, 2014

Fein Power Tools Inc. has introduced the Slugger JCM 200 U portable magnetic drill, designed for on-site construction, MRO in-plant applications, workshops, and fabricating operations. The drill performs tapping, reaming, and countersinking operations with HSS or carbide cutters, without requiring special adapters or arbors. It uses both American and German Slugger annular cutters up to 2 in. dia. and 3 in. depth of cut.

The 30.6-lb. unit has a top, forward-facing control panel in the operator’s direct line of sight. Touch-control buttons control on/off, forward and reverse rotation, and electronic speed settings of 130 to 260 RPM in first speed and 260 to 520 RPM in second speed.

The motor maintains stable set speeds with 1,200-W power consumption and a magnetic holding force of 2,750 lbs.

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