Automation features added to ironworker

December 14, 2016

TigerStop has introduced integrations for the single-operator Piranha P65 ironworker with SawGear, for accurate lengths when shearing, and with TigerStop, for a fully automated punch process.

The operator can enter a length into the SawGear and the stop moves to position. The operator then places material through the shear against the stop and makes the cut. The unit has an angled pusher arm that can be adjusted to accommodate different material sizes.

The TigerStop comes with the stop, back fence, table, and the Advanced Interconnect Kit 2 (AIK2). It allows users to download cut lists and run the tool with an incremental movement or pattern list. Users also can place material, enter a length, and use the unit as an automated stop. Every time the material moves, the operator uses the foot pedal to cycle the tool.

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