CNC turret punch press handles large, oversized workpieces

November 7, 2011

CNC turret punch press handles large, oversized workpieces -

LVD Strippit has introduced the Strippit P-1525, a 20-metric-ton, CNC turret punch press designed to handle large or oversized workpieces up to 60 by 98.4 in. Larger sheets can be processed with clamp repositioning.

The machine delivers up to 270 HPM on 1-in. centers and up to 600 HPM in nibble mode. The machine provides a ±0.004-in. finished-part accuracy and ±0.002-in. finished part repeatability. It processes mild steel up to 0.135 in. thick and aluminum up to 0.250 in. thick.

A servo-driven hydraulic ram offers control of the ram position. Parameters are easily accessed and changed to provide optimal forming characteristics, the company says. The hydraulic drive system helps reduce noise and shock.

The direct-drive axes configuration controls part tolerance and repeatability to help eliminate backlash and wear for repeatable accuracy and reliability, the manufacturer reports.

The 21-station, thick-style turret has all turret stations keyed for maximum tool load flexibility. Every station can accept shaped or round punches and dies. The machine is standard with three 2-in. autoindex stations that accept wheel-style or scribing tools.

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