Deep-hole drills reach depth of up to 50xD

May 19, 2014

Walter’s standard Titex X.treme D40 and X.treme D50 deep-hole drills reach depths of 40x and 50xD of the drill, respectively. Previously the standard range of XD drills reached up to 30xD, with longer tools up to 70xD available as special versions.

The drills enable holes to be drilled in one operation without pecking in steel, cast iron, and nonferrous metals. An advanced TiAlN-tip coating enhances tool life. Other features include internal coolant channels for optimum heat dissipation and reliable chip evacuation. The latter also is supported by polished flutes. Four margins keep the drill on its intended course.

According to the company, these features ensure a high level of process reliability, even with angled hole exits or cross-holes.

A high-pressure coolant system is not required; a standard system with a coolant pressure of 580 PSI (40 bar), such as that integrated in all machining centers, is sufficient to plunge without "coming up for air.”

Typical applications for these diameters are general metalworking, hydraulics, and automotive industries. Additional diameters, including intermediate sizes, are available as special versions.

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